apple marmalade water
  • March 09,2023

The apples sent by company before holiday have been lying for a long time, and skin is dented. In addition, these days are most uncomfortable and you can’t eat hard things, so today I boiled a red apple Date water to eat, which satisfies desire to eat apples and drink jujube water is really convenient! ! ! !

Ingredients 2 apples and some red dates
  • 1 apple marmalade water

    Prepare two apples and some red dates. I chose two types. One is specially soaked in water, and the other is for ordinary food. It tastes better when cooked.

  • 2 apple marmalade water

    First, boil red dates to a boil

  • 3 apple marmalade water

    Cutting apples while making marmalade, hehe, knife skills are bad, let's try.

  • 4 apple marmalade water

    Place apples in water with marmalade, add sugar and cook for 15-20 minutes. Ha ha, it's out! !