Longan nut drink
  • March 09,2023

Women need to nourish blood, but nutrition of blood also depends on constitution. This longan walnut drink is suitable for a blood stagnant constitution. Typically, symptoms of blood stasis are: dull complexion, dark lips, localized pain, ease of gaining weight, and easy to lose heart Vascular disease. Drinking this walnut longan drink often helps with insomnia, anxiety, maternal anemia, dysmenorrhea, and high blood lipids. If symptoms of dizziness appear, you can leave longan without shell

Ingredients: one longan, two walnuts How to cook
  • 1 Longan nut drink

    An appropriate amount of longan meat

  • 2 Longan nut drink

    Soak and wash longan meat

  • 3 Longan nut drink

    An appropriate amount of walnuts

  • 4 Longan nut drink

    Walnut shells and kernels

  • 5 Longan nut drink

    Pour longan meat into pan

  • 6 Longan nut drink

    Pour walnuts into the pan

  • 7 Longan nut drink

    Add some water

  • 8 Longan nut drink

    After fire boils

  • 9 Longan nut drink

    Boil for about 20-30 minutes

  • 10 Longan nut drink

    After cooling down for a while, you can add brown sugar instead of tea