purple sago potato syrup
  • March 09,2023

Purple sweet potato has a beautiful color and is especially pleasing to eye when preparing desserts. Purple sweet potato is rich in nutrients like selenium and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are most direct and most effective means of preventing and treating diseases and maintaining human health, discovered by scientific community. , The safest free radical scavenger, its ability to scavenge free radicals is 20 times greater than that of vitamin C and 50 times greater than that of vitamin E. Sago is more suitable for people with a weak constitution, recovering from postpartum diseases, indigestion stomach and weary. Both are combined into a dessert.

Ingredients 50 g sago 100 g purple sweet potatoes Method of preparation
  • 1 purple sago potato syrup

    Required Ingredients: Sago, Purple Sweet Potato, Rock Sugar.

  • 2 purple sago potato syrup

    Peel purple potatoes and cut into small pieces.

  • 3 purple sago potato syrup

    Pour hot water into a saucepan and add some sago to boil. When white spots appear in middle of sago, cover the pot and simmer for a while.

  • 4 purple sago potato syrup

    Simmer for 15 minutes, drain water, put the sago in a bowl and set aside.

  • 5 purple sago potato syrup

    Pour half a cup of hot water into a saucepan, add sweet potatoes and a few lumps of rock sugar.

  • 6 purple sago potato syrup

    When sweet potatoes are done, until they are soft and rotten, pour sago from bowl into pot, then turn pot on.