Stewed papaya milk
  • March 09,2023

This dessert is too easy, you can make it whenever you want and you can make it whenever you want to eat it! The ingredients can be bought anywhere and you can enjoy this beauty product anytime, anywhere!

Use right amount of papaya 3 packs of pure milk
  • 1 Stewed papaya milk

    I forgot to take a group photo of raw material before doing this and glue on sliced ​​papaya. I bought two small papaya, which is actually enough.

  • 2 Stewed papaya milk

    Pour milk into a container without adding water, because there is enough milk for 4 people so that everyone has a bowl.

  • 3 Stewed papaya milk

    When milk begins to heat up (about 10 minutes), stir papaya into milk.

  • 4 Stewed papaya milk

    Place all ingredients in a container, turn on a low heat, cover with a lid and wait for a delicious meal. Cooking will take about 1 hour. You can adjust time accordingly!

  • 5 Stewed papaya milk

    When time is right, you will need to open lid to add rock sugar. Don't add too much, it will be very sweet. Add it yourself! Ready.

  • 6 Stewed papaya milk

    Done! After waiting more than an hour, after turning off fire, smell is indescribable! Very fragrant.

  • 7 Stewed papaya milk

    It's a papaya inside, it's almost done! It is very fragrant!

  • 8 Stewed papaya milk

    I put it in a cup, it's great! After first bite, I feel the taste is moderate, very good. Papaya is very attractive, and it helps a lot for beauty. This time, papaya paired with milk , It's really great, it's easy to make, and it can decorate skin. Dear friends, hurry up and try it!