ginger milk
  • March 09,2023

Spoon full spoon like old yogurt. The taste of ginger is very fragrant, sweet and slightly spicy, taste is soft, with a unique aroma. In winter, it is very good to eat ginger. If you fail, just drink it like ginger milk like me, don't waste it, it's good for your body anyway. 姜 , 素 称 称 , 研究 发现 , 生姜 含有 一 种 的 与 水杨酸 物质 , 稀释 作为 血液 稀释剂 降 血脂 、 血压 防止 血栓 血栓 血栓and myocardial infarction, etc. have a special healing effect, regular consumption can maintain health and strengthen body, and effect of health and longevity is liked by people from all walks of life.   关于姜撞奶,曾有传说。 A long time ago in Shawang City, Panyu, Guangdong Province, an elderly woman had a cough and learned that ginger juice could cure her cough, but ginger juice was too sharp so that old woman could drink it, and daughter-in-law accidentally poured milk into a bowl of ginger juice. It is strange that milk curdled after a while, and mother-in-law felt aroma in her mouth after drinking it.第2天病就好 了。 In this way, ginger milk spread in city of Shawan, people of Shawan call "coagulation"" buried", which is why "Jiang's milk" is also called "Jiang's buried milk" in Shawang.

Ingredients 1 carton of pure milk 1 piece of old ginger Appropriate amount of white sugar Method of preparation
  • 1 ginger milk

    Get your supplies ready.

  • 2 ginger milk

    Peel ginger and cut it into pieces, put in a blender and chop.

  • 3 ginger milk

    Strain ginger juice and set aside.

  • 4 ginger milk

    Pour fresh milk into a saucepan and add some sugar.

  • 5 ginger milk

    Cook over medium and low heat until boiling, that is, appearance of small bubbles on walls of pan, sixty to seventy degrees.

  • 6 ginger milk

    Quickly pour boiled milk into bowl of ginger juice, and after a few minutes ginger milk will naturally solidify.