Honey red tea with pomelo
  • March 09,2023

Honey tea with grapefruit has effect of whitening and removing spots, rejuvenation and beauty of skin. The L-cysteine ​​contained in honey has a detoxifying effect, people who often suffer from acne can effectively get rid of skin diseases after taking it, and it also has a certain effect of removing freckles. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which has a certain whitening effect. Tea with honey and citron combines these two effects very well: its regular use can relieve fever, reduce internal heat and whiten skin. Therefore, in Japan and South Korea, it has always been known as a drink of "cut grass and melanin roots."

Ingredients 900 g red pomelo pulp 400 g rock sugar 350 g honey 1000 g water method
  • 1 Honey red tea with pomelo

    The pomelo is usually sealed on skin with a layer of wax to keep it looking pretty, so use salt to rub grapefruit gently and then wash it off.

  • 2 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Use a peeler to peel grapefruit skin. When cleaning, it should be thin. Try to clean only yellow part. You can choose white part to your liking. The first layer of grapefruit is grapefruit peel, which is essence of grapefruit to eliminate phlegm and relieve coughs, and then white pulp between grapefruit peel and grapefruit pulp, which is bitterest part of grapefruit.

  • 3 Honey red tea with pomelo

    With a knife, scrape off as much of white pulp inside as possible, and cut thinly sliced ​​pomelo peel into thin slices, thinner better.

  • 4 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Scrub crushed pomelo skin vigorously with salt to remove bitterness, then rinse with water. This step can be repeated two or three times. Soak crushed pomelo rinds in clean water. Add some salt to water to remove bitterness. The soaking time should be longer and it can be soaked overnight.

  • 5 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Put soaked chopped pomelo peel in clean water and boil for about 10 minutes. When cooking, add a little salt to remove bitterness. Finally, rinse crushed grapefruit with clean water and drain.

  • 6 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Peel flesh of grapefruit and tear it into pieces.

  • 7 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Place pomelo meat and chopped pomelo skin into a clean, oil-free saucepan, add water and sugar, and cook over medium heat.

  • 8 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Simmer until thickened and pomelo skin becomes golden and translucent. This takes about 1 hour, remember to stir frequently while boiling to avoid sticking to the pot.

  • 9 Honey red tea with pomelo

    After cooling, add honey and mix well to make a honey citron tea. Ready grapefruit tea can be put in a blender and broken, put in a container, close, refrigerate and drink after 3 days. The longer it sits, less bitter it will be.

  • 10 Honey red tea with pomelo

    Simply brew it with warm water while drinking.