candied kumquat
  • March 09,2023

I've always thought that taste of kumquat is similar to taste of melancholy: it is refined, rounded and cute. Like longing, it always inadvertently opens door of thought, so the taste of sweet and sour comes together and you can't stop it, but this sweet longing always lingers in your heart, just like you never left it. So I decided to miss you on this warm day...

kumquat recipe 500g
  • 1 candied kumquat

    Prepare materials.

  • 2 candied kumquat

    Pour clean water into a basin, sprinkle with a little salt, soak kumquats for 10 minutes, rinse them and dry them.

  • 3 candied kumquat

    Slice kumquats vertically and equidistantly into 5-7 knives, point of knife should not be too deep, otherwise it will break easily.

  • 4 candied kumquat

    Cut kumquats and crush them with your fingers.

  • 5 candied kumquat

    After kumquat is sliced, select kumquat seeds with a toothpick.

  • 6 candied kumquat

    The seeded kumquats are placed in a clean and waterless bottle with a layer of kumquats and a layer of white sugar.

  • 7 candied kumquat

    Cover and leave to marinate for about 2-3 days.

  • 8 candied kumquat

    As shown in picture, sugar melts and liquid expands.

  • 9 candied kumquat

    Pour about a bowl of water into a saucepan, add pickled kumquats and sugar.

  • 10 candied kumquat

    After high heat comes to a boil, switch heat to low and boil slowly. When water in pot gradually becomes viscous and kumquat becomes a little more transparent than before, you can collect juice and put it on a plate according to your preference.

  • 11 candied kumquat

    The finished product.