apple-cucumber juice
  • March 09,2023

An apple has a sweet and sour taste and is rich in nutrients. The nutrients contained in apples are comprehensive, easily absorbed and absorbed by human body, so they are very suitable for infants, young children, elderly and sick, and are one of fruits acceptable to population. And apples contain many vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats, etc., which are important nutrients for brain. Apples are not only rich in brain-needed nutrients such as sugar, vitamins, and minerals, but more importantly, they are rich in zinc. Can enhance human immunity. Frequent consumption of apples can lower blood cholesterol levels, increase bile secretion and bile acid function, thereby avoiding formation of gallstones due to cholesterol precipitation in bile. 黄瓜,又叫青瓜。 Its meat is crisp and tender, juicy and sweet, fragrant and delicious. It is rich in vitamin E, which prolongs life and slows down aging; The cucumber enzyme in cucumber has strong biological activity, and can effectively stimulate body's metabolism. In addition, fiber in cucumber has a certain effect on elimination of putrefactive substances in human intestine and lowers cholesterol, which can strengthen body . The material is simple and light, suitable for all types of people. Its effectiveness is higher than that of many fruit juices.

Ingredients 300 g cucumber 240 g apple
  • 1 apple-cucumber juice

    Prepare cucumbers and apples.

  • 2 apple-cucumber juice

    Make Hsu Fu Chee Honeydew Melon Candy. (When I posted log, I missed this picture, and remembered it, carefully looking at candy on cut cucumber.)

  • 3 apple-cucumber juice

    Wash apples and cucumbers, peel and cut into small pieces, beat sugar cubes into small pieces.

  • 4 apple-cucumber juice

    Place cut pieces of fruits and vegetables in a blender (you can add cold boiled water).

  • 5 apple-cucumber juice

    Stir well to make a thick juice (you can add honey).