nut cheese
  • March 09,2023

Walnut Cheese is also a well-known snack with a long history in Beijing. It is not known exactly when it came out, and there is no exact record in historical materials. “核 桃酪” , 一定 的 美容 养颜 效果 , , 清朝 慈禧 常 这 种 食物 太 太 到 了 晚年 发色 黑亮 , 可能 吃 这些 具有 保健 食物 仍然 时 时 时 时 时 可能 可能 可能 时 可能 可能 可能 可能 可能related. 有些朋友问我,何为“酪”? I understand that in past, people of Beijing called all pasta-like food with milk “cheese”. Walnut cheese, it is said that in early years some milk was added to it when it was cooked. Later I heard that Empress Dowager Cixi did not like it, so it has not been used since then, but it was still called "cheese".

Ingredients 40 g peeled and roasted walnut kernels 20 g cooked marmalade 20 g rice flour 30 g rock sugar 400 ml water method
  • 1 nut cheese

    Main ingredients.

  • 2 nut cheese

    Place pre-soaked and peeled walnuts in a food processor.

  • 3 nut cheese

    Place cooked dates in a food processor.

  • 4 nut cheese

    Remove the ingredients.

  • 5 nut cheese

    Pour 200 ml of water into kitchen machine.

  • 6 nut cheese

    Turn food processor on to high speed and beat for 10 seconds to make walnuts and marmalade into a finer paste.

  • 7 nut cheese

    Then pour into a bowl.

  • 8 nut cheese

    Pour glutinous rice flour into a bowl, mix it with walnut paste and prepare a paste for later use.

  • 9 nut cheese


  • 10 nut cheese

    Pour rock sugar into a saucepan.

  • 11 nut cheese

    Inject 200 ml of water.

  • 12 nut cheese

    Dissolve rock sugar over medium heat.

  • 13 nut cheese

    After rock sugar has melted, pour in nut butter and mix well.

  • 14 nut cheese

    Continue to cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a spoon, until thickened.

  • 15 nut cheese


  • 16 nut cheese

    When pasta is thick, cook for another 10 minutes until it is fully cooked and ready to serve.

  • 17 nut cheese

    Pour prepared walnut cheese into a bowl, garnish with a few cooked goji berries and enjoy.