rice wine
  • March 09,2023

Appropriate amount of ingredients Sticky rice Method

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    Materials for making rice wine.

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    Rinse glutinous rice 2-3 times, soak it in cold water for 24 hours (during soaking, water needs to be changed every 8 hours), then take it out and rinse it 2-3 times with clean water,

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    Place steamer compartment in rice cooker, rinse cheesecloth and place it on top.

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    Then pour rice on top and steam in a double boiler (about half an hour),

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    Lift up cheesecloth to cover rice and wrap it tightly around rice.

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    Turn rice cooker to cooking position.

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    Clean container and lid of container for making rice wine, especially container should not be soiled with oily substances. Use freshly boiled boiling water to scald lid of the container machine container for more than 1 minute to sterilize it.

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    Pour boiling water into container and cover with a lid for a few minutes.

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    Use a small amount of cold boiled water to dissolve koji (do not add too much water, just enough to dissolve koji).

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    Open lid of steamed rice.

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    When cage is removed, break it open and refrigerate until it is no longer hot (about 35°C). If rice seems too dry or soggy, sprinkle it with a little water and steam it again.

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    First put chilled rice in a sterilized container, then add about 200 ml of cold boiled water and mix evenly.

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    Pour dissolved koji into glutinous rice.

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    And stir glutinous rice evenly.

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    Dig a round hole in center of rice. (It takes about 200ml of cold boiled water to cook 500g glutinous rice or rice, but glutinous rice is too hard after cooling, you can add more cold boiled water; if it is too soft, you can add less cold boiled water. The amount of koji can be purchased according to your purchase Package Description on packaging of distillation yeast)

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    Put glutinous rice container into rice wine machine, select rice wine function, and then set timer (usually 30-36 hours).

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    Fermented rice wine.

  • 18 rice wine

    You can eat it right away or make a rice wine dessert and keep rest in fridge.