Creamy vanilla ice cream
  • March 09,2023

To make ice cream, you need to cook it. Since ice cream is a frozen product and is eaten cold, utensils, utensils and containers must be strictly sterilized during production to ensure safety and sanitation. As a rule, eggs can kill most microorganisms at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius, so they must be cooked. Our country's health law has strict rules and requirements in this regard. 下面 , 就 初夏 以来 的 第一 款 冰淇淋 由于 加 了 香草精 因此 就 叫做 叫做 奶油 香草冰淇淋

Ingredients 250 ml of fresh milk two eggs of 100 g 50 ml of lungs cream 10 g butter 4 g cornstarch
  • 1 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    250 ​​ml fresh milk, 100 g two eggs, 2 g vanilla extract, 2 g Chinese cabbage powder, 50 ml light cream, 10 g butter, 30 g sugar, 1 g salt and 4 g cornstarch.

  • 2 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Beat eggs with a mixer until they become slightly viscous, and set aside.

  • 3 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Then pour 250 ml fresh milk, 2 g vanilla extract, 2 g Chinese cabbage powder, 50 ml light cream, 10 g butter, 30 g sugar, 1 g salt, 4 g corn starch into a saucepan with milk and mix well .

  • 4 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Put a saucepan of milk on fire, slowly cook over low heat, stirring constantly when boiling.

  • 5 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Melt butter and sugar completely and bring to a boil.

  • 6 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    After boiling for 3 minutes, while milk mixture is still simmering, quickly pour milk into egg mixture and beat with an electric whisk on medium speed.

  • 7 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Completely stir custard until slurry is fine and free of grains.

  • 8 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Pour stirred ice cream milk into the fresh storage box to cool, start stirring it with a spoon every 5 minutes, stir three times, and then stir every 10 minutes, stirring well each time.

  • 9 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    After it has cooled completely, cover fruit and vegetable container and place it in freezer.

  • 10 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    Take it out of fridge every 10 minutes and stir until thick, then stir every 30 minutes and finally freeze and store in freezer.

  • 11 Creamy vanilla ice cream

    When eating, take out fresh storage box and scoop it out with an ice cream scoop.