Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice
  • March 09,2023

In autumn and winter, climate is dry, babies and young children are prone to colds, so they need to drink plenty of water. Some children do not like to drink water and prefer to drink certain drinks. This is most troublesome thing for moms. A warm and healthy drink for a child is best prepared at home --- Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice. Sydney promotes elimination of fluid from body and moisturizes dryness, eliminates heat and breaks up phlegm. Rock sugar can nourish middle and Qi, harmonize stomach, quench thirst, and eliminate phlegm. Chinese medicine believes that apples are flat in nature, have magical effect of nourishing heart and moisturizing lungs, promote fluid excretion and detoxification, nourish qi and harmonize stomach, sober liver, and are called "comprehensive healthy fruits." "by scientists. Sidney, apple juice is not only delicious, but also best detoxifier and body supplement. This mixed juice can not only moisturize lungs and reduce phlegm, but also has effect of beauty and appetite.

Material Method
  • 1 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Prepare lollipop.

  • 2 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Peel pears and apples and cut them into slices.

  • 3 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Add Sydney apples and rock sugar to saucepan, then add appropriate amount of water.

  • 4 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Bring to a boil. Turn on low heat and cook for 5 minutes until sugar dissolves.

  • 5 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Add cooked pears and apples to blender, add half of broth and blend for 5 seconds.

  • 6 Rock Sugar Sydney Apple Juice

    Mix whipped soup with rest of soup and then add some honey.