Dandelion coffee
  • March 09,2023

Many people drink a lot of coffee every day to refresh themselves, and over time they develop an addiction to coffee, although they all know that it is very harmful to body. Although dandelion coffee is called coffee, it does not contain coffee, especially caffeine. It is said to be a coffee substitute prescribed by Western doctors for patients with coffee addiction. It can beautify skin, improve eyesight, and more. important thing is that it is rich in lecithin, which is very useful for knowledge workers.

Ingredients 50 g dandelion root
  • 1 Dandelion coffee

    Dandelion root washes away silt and impurities.

  • 2 Dandelion coffee

    Cut into small pieces.

  • 3 Dandelion coffee

    Put in a wok and fry over high heat until completely dry and dark in color.

  • 4 Dandelion coffee

    Use a blender to grind it into a powder.

  • 5 Dandelion coffee

    Make dandelion coffee just like regular coffee.