ginger milk
  • March 09,2023

Appropriate amount of materials, a large piece of old ginger

  • 1 ginger milk

    I use light fresh milk. I heard that milk in boxes would work too. I think it has something to do with amount of water added. The less water, easier it is to succeed. I made three bowls of 500 ml milk, must be with old ginger, even if ginger is frozen...

  • 2 ginger milk

    About a third of a fist; actually I think a little more is better. Grind it and squeeze juice with gauze. Use fresh ginger.

  • 3 ginger milk

    About that much in a bowl.

  • 4 ginger milk

    I don't have a milk pot, and I used half a pot, so milk is easy to burn, and it will be easier to "punch" milk pot later. I just do it cup after cup. Adding sugar is optional, I don't think it's spicy or not.

  • 5 ginger milk

    Heat milk until large bubbles appear on side. But time I did it, I tried heat with a spoon and it would be nice if it was "hot"... I'm more casual... Everyone said that 70-80 degrees is best.

  • 6 ginger milk

    After heating, you can "pour" milk into ginger juice, immediately cover it with a lid and leave for 10 minutes without moving or stirring.

  • 7 ginger milk

    Finished product~~~

  • 8 ginger milk

    I got it right first time, super lucky, yes, yes.