sweet sago
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients: ½ cup sago, ½ cup mung bean, ½ cup corn, ½ cup pineapple.

  • 1 sweet sago

    Soak mung beans in clean water for more than three hours (I soaked them yesterday before bed) and boil them in a pot without water until tender (I cook them in top layer when I use a rice pot). stove)

  • 2 sweet sago

    Pour water into pot, put sago when water boils, stir and boil with a spoon, turn off heat after boiling for one minute, cover pot with a lid and simmer for ten minutes

  • 3 sweet sago

    Remove sago and rinse it several times with cold water until water stops mixing. At this time, sago is still half wet, so soak sago in cold water

  • 4 sweet sago

    Wash pot, add appropriate amount of water, add corn after water boils

  • 5 sweet sago

    Add three tablespoons of condensed milk, stir, add boiled mung bean, add sugar to suit sweetness

  • 6 sweet sago

    Add semi-cooked sago, do not add water, just scoop sago, put pineapple, boil for one minute, turn off heat and cook for ten minutes (steam until sago is completely transparent)

  • 7 sweet sago

    From pan... It is very convenient to drink warm, summer is coming, it is better to freeze in refrigerator