Low fat iced coffee
  • March 09,2023

Summer drinks, low fat iced coffee, girls who love coffee don't need to worry about their figure

Ingredients A small amount of fresh milk A small amount of coffee How to prepare
  • 1 Low fat iced coffee

    Ingredients: fresh milk, ground coffee, honey, whipped cream

  • 2 Low fat iced coffee

    Steps: 1. Now pour 150 ml of milk into a cup, add the appropriate amount of honey (add according to personal taste)

  • 3 Low fat iced coffee

    2. Mix honey and milk with a mixer (you can also use chopsticks)

  • 4 Low fat iced coffee

    3. Prepare another cup, take appropriate amount of ground coffee, brew it with boiling water, and then slowly add it to cup of milk

  • 5 Low fat iced coffee

    4. Add pre-made ice cubes and then squeeze in a scoop of whipped cream (I use low fat whipped cream so don't worry about heat)

  • 6 Low fat iced coffee

    A simple low-fat iced coffee is ready! Doesn't it taste like summer~~haha, it tastes as good as Starbucks.