Carrot apple juice
  • March 09,2023

Student Yang Yang asked my husband and me about what we should do when we were little: what games to play, what snacks to eat, where mom and dad took them to play. Hey, how could you play anything when you were young? Bungee jumping, hopscotch, that's all. Unlike now, there are computers and TVs! Not to mention snacks, travel is even more impossible. Speaking about this to those who were born in 90s, Yang Yang was very surprised! Janlan took opportunity to give Yang Yang political lessons for a while. The children of their generation are infinitely happier than we are. By way, Yang Yang also asked if my parents will pick me up when I go to school? At meeting with Gianlan, I never once picked him up. Now, if you think about it, I really hoped that my parents would pick me up when it rained, or give me an umbrella. Really, this is just a small request! But my parents are busy with work, and even this small wish cannot be realized. Talking about this, Yang Yang said that he wanted to drink carrot juice. When Yang Yang was young, he was prone to constipation and didn't like to eat carrots, so he squeezed juice out of them for Canlang to drink~

Ingredients and Methods
  • 1 Carrot apple juice

    Prepare ingredients.

  • 2 Carrot apple juice

    Cut carrot into small cubes.

  • 3 Carrot apple juice

    Apples are also cut into small cubes.

  • 4 Carrot apple juice

    Add twice as much warm water to carrots.

  • 5 Carrot apple juice

    Place it in juicer and strain it evenly.

  • 6 Carrot apple juice

    Heat carrot juice in a double boiler for five minutes and set aside.

  • 7 Carrot apple juice

    Add double amount of warm water to apples and stir them into juice.

  • 8 Carrot apple juice

    Strained apple juice.

  • 9 Carrot apple juice

    Mix and serve.