CT pumpkin soup with cat milk
  • March 09,2023

Nutritional properties of pumpkin: 1. Detoxification: Pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin. Lead, mercury, and radioactive elements in pumpkin promote detoxification; 2. Protect stomach lining and aid digestion:< br>Pectin found in pumpkin can also protect stomach lining from being irritated by roughage and promote development of ulcers. Healing, suitable for patients with stomach problems. Ingredients contained in pumpkin can promote bile secretion, increase gastrointestinal motility and promote food digestion; 3. Prevent diabetes and lower blood sugar: Pumpkin is rich in cobalt, which can activate body's metabolism , promote hematopoietic function. , and Participate in synthesis in human body of vitamin B12, which is an essential trace element for human islet cells and has a special effect on prevention and treatment of diabetes and lowering blood sugar; 4. Eliminate carcinogens: Pumpkin can eliminate effect carcinogenic nitrosamines. Mutation effect, anti-cancer effect, and can help restore liver and kidney function, enhance liver and kidney cell regeneration ability; 5. Promote growth and development: Pumpkin is rich in zinc, which is part of nucleic acid in human body 1 Protein synthesis is an essential component of adrenal cortex hormone and an essential substance for human growth and development. 每100克牛奶中,含有脂肪3.1克、蛋白质2.9克、乳糖4.5克、矿物质0.7克、生理水88克。 These nutrients play an important role in our life. The carbohydrate in milk is lactose. Its nutritional function is to provide heat energy and promote absorption of metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc., which is very important for intellectual development of infants. The degree of absorption of calcium in human body is directly proportional to amount of lactose, so more milk you drink, more calcium is absorbed by body. In addition, lactose can also promote growth of lactic acid bacteria in human intestine, suppress poisoning caused by abnormal fermentation in intestine, and ensure intestinal health. Lactose is superior to other carbohydrates. 牛奶中的矿物质种类非常丰富,除了我们所熟知的钙以外,磷、铁、锌、铜、锰、髼缌 that milk is rarest, source of calcium for human body calcium and phosphorus is very correct, which promotes absorption of calcium.

Ingredients 200 g pumpkin 200 g milk method
  • 1 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Prepare ingredients.

  • 2 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Pumpkin cut into small pieces and steamed.

  • 3 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Place steamed pumpkin and milk into a food processor.

  • 4 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Beat evenly into a puree.

  • 5 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Pour into container 80% full.

  • 6 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Squeeze yogurt out of CT cat's face shape.

  • 7 CT pumpkin soup with cat milk

    Finally, with a brush filled with chocolate and strawberry jam, draw bows, eyes, beards, etc.