Peanut tremella stewed with milk
  • March 09,2023

I strongly recommend this "Peanuts in Milk, Roasted", saying that it is rich in nutrients, can not only moisturize skin, but also enlarge chest and firm body. In short, there are many benefits. Drinking it can make women more feminine! Tremella: Nourishes yin and moisturizes lungs, nourishes qi and nourishes stomach, strengthens heart and invigorates brain. It is called “poor man's bird's nest”. Tremella is rich in natural colloid, plus its yin nourishing effect, long-term use can moisturize skin and remove chloasma and freckles on face; The dietary fiber in tremelle may also promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce fat absorption. which has a certain weight loss effect. Peanuts are rich in vitamin B2 and vegetable oil, and have a high protein content, which can moisturize skin and have a certain effect on beautiful legs! In addition, peanuts easily make people feel full, so correct use of peanuts can help control appetite. 花生 中 维生素 维生素 、 b6 及 等 还 能 帮助 体内 转化 为 能量 , 从而 脂肪 的 堆积 堆积 堆积. : : 补 补 虚损 益肺胃 益肺胃 , Promote fluid excretion from body and hydrate intestines. Milk is rich in nutrients and contains complete fats, various proteins, vitamins and minerals. They can moisturize skin, protect epidermis, prevent cracks and wrinkles, making skin smooth, soft. , white and delicate. Smooth and moisturized. Recent studies show that calcium in dairy products can help body burn fat and stimulate body to produce more enzymes that can break down fat, so milk also has a certain weight loss effect. 枸杞子:补精气,坚筋骨,滋肝肾,止消渴,明目,抗衰老。 Many people don't know that drinking wolfberry can improve beauty. This is because goji berries can improve skin's ability to absorb oxygen, and in addition, they can also play a whitening role.

Ingredients 500 g milk 50 g white mushroom 50 g peanuts
  • 1 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Materials are ready. Rinse and soak peanuts for about 2 hours, rinse and soak tremella and remove stems, wash and soak medlar.

  • 2 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Add required amount of water to pan and pour over porcini mushroom.

  • 3 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Add peanuts, bring to a boil over high heat and simmer until peanuts are cooked and rotten.

  • 4 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Pour in milk and add the sugar.

  • 5 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Add wolfberry and cook for a while, then turn off heat.

  • 6 Peanut tremella stewed with milk

    Serve immediately.