Home wine
  • March 09,2023

The wine I made last year was very much enjoyed by my husband. The price of grapes this year has risen sharply compared to last year. I waited until grapes were delisted before going to wholesale market to buy 10 cutties of Kyoho grapes and my new life began. Making wine...

10 cutties of grapes
  • 1 Home wine

    10 cat varieties of Kyoho grapes.

  • 2 Home wine

    Rinse grapes with clean water, do not wash off white coating on skin, this is a good starter. Then place it in a ventilated place to air dry moisture.

  • 3 Home wine

    Squeeze dried grapes one by one into a clean glass bottle free of oil and water until 80% full, add half a ketty of sugar, stir well, cover and let steep, then use a clean wooden stick to catch grapes every day. Press skin into the juice.

  • 4 Home wine

    After 15 days of fermentation (at a temperature of 20 degrees), skin color of grapes turns yellow-white, bubbles no longer rise, and fermentation is complete. Use a clean cheesecloth to filter out skins and seeds of grapes, leaving red wine, and aroma of wine is very strong at this time.

  • 5 Home wine

    Let filtered wine stand for 1-2 days, sediment will settle on a flat bottom, and wine will become transparent.

  • 6 Home wine

    Use a siphon to pour wine into bottle, do not suck up sediment from flat bottom.

  • 7 Home wine

    You can enjoy, without any additives, original taste is amazing!