Italian fruit pudding
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients 5 g gelatine slices 200 g packaged fruit juice 400 g water 50 g fine sugar 3 mint leaves 10 g agar powder approx. 400 g mixed fruit 15 ml rum approx. 15 g fine sugar

  • 1 Italian fruit pudding

    Watch video This video fully introduces difference between gelatin and agar. First you must understand the solidification principle of these two materials. In fact, there are many ways to do this. You can make different ones according to your own materials. , Oh pudding~~

  • 2 Italian fruit pudding

    1. If you are using gelatin powder (fish gelatin powder), you need to mix 5g of powder with 15-20g of water and mix evenly, let gelatin powder absorb water and set aside. 2. Gelatin sheets (fish film) must be cut into small pieces and soaked in ice water to soften gelatin sheets for later use (or put gelatin sheets in water at room temperature and put them in refrigerator to soften)

  • 3 Italian fruit pudding

    1. Isinglass powder can be melted directly into a soft bowl of water. 2. Pieces of gelatin must be drained and then melted with dishes

  • 4 Italian fruit pudding

    Water melt gelatin

  • 5 Italian fruit pudding

    Remember: gelatin liquid is poured into 200 g of juice, not juice into gelatin, then poured into a mold and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, weather is hot, it is better to refrigerate overnight

  • 6 Italian fruit pudding

    The pudding is attached to mold and soaked in hot water for 3-4 seconds, after which it can be easily removed from mold

  • 7 Italian fruit pudding

    In Italian fruit pudding, first cut all fruits you like into pieces, video teaches you how to cut oranges, rest is very easy

  • 8 Italian fruit pudding

    Sprinkle with 15 g fine sugar

  • 9 Italian fruit pudding

    Stir evenly with 15 ml of rum and let it marinate

  • 10 Italian fruit pudding

    Mix fine sugar and agar powder evenly, be sure to mix well~~~ Agar powder is also called hantian powder, just like agar, but agar is made up of strips, so it needs to be soaked and then boiled at 50 ~ 100 times more water If it's completely clear, if you can't cook it once, you can leave fire to let agar cool down a bit and then return to stove to cook and it will turn clear after a while. several times.

  • 11 Italian fruit pudding

    Boil mint leaves and water, remove mint leaves and save water for later use

  • 12 Italian fruit pudding

    Pour fine sugar agarose powder from step 10 into a saucepan and boil. After boiling, cook for a few minutes. If it doesn't boil, turn off heat. After boiling, the liquid becomes cloudy. Boil until full boil. transparent

  • 13 Italian fruit pudding

    Drain fruit and put it in mold, this time it will be 2 points and 1.

  • 14 Italian fruit pudding

    Pour half of agar juice into mould

  • 15 Italian fruit pudding

    Put in rest of fruit, then pour in the remaining agar juice. It can be left at room temperature to cool completely and will solidify before eating. It can also be refrigerated for better flavor.

  • 16 Italian fruit pudding

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