crystal lollipop
  • March 09,2023

I thought it would be easy to make crystal lollipops with coral lollipops, but I didn't expect to spend a few plates learning to make it. Khan-_-# After uploading work, I saw that some friends want me to make his recipe, then I will write one, in fact, mainly to tell everyone my lesson! The amount of recipe is probably enough to make 5 medium sized CK lollipop molds (5.4 cm diameter).

Ingredients 150 grams of coral sugar (also known as aisu sugar) 30 grams of purified water of appropriate amount. Adhesive rice food printing paper for sale on a certain treasure, more, more, less, less, lollipop mold, appropriate quantity, decorative candy, etc. optional, without adding various dyes and spices.
  • 1 crystal lollipop

    Mix coral sugar and water, heat directly over medium heat to 165 degrees Celsius and remove from heat.

  • 2 crystal lollipop

    The freshly made syrup is still boiling and bubbling. If you immediately pour it into a mold, lollipop will turn out uneven. Shake small pot to cool syrup until it stops bubbling (if you want to add color and flavor, add it at this time) and then carefully pour it into mold.

  • 3 crystal lollipop

    If glutinous rice paper you are using is much smaller than mold, you can place paper directly on bottom of mold and then fill it with syrup. But if glutinous rice paper is about same size as mold, you need to first pour in about 1/3 of syrup, then put glutinous rice paper template into mold, and finally put sugar stick and keep pouring syrup until the mold is full.

  • 4 crystal lollipop

    While syrup is still cooling, you can add small candies for decoration. Remove from mold after complete cooling.