Sugar Pudding QQ
  • March 09,2023

Very tasty, I tried it. I will not post pictures. There is a rainbow version and a regular version. In rainbow version, several flavors are combined, and in regular version there is only one taste. It's very simple, and there are very few materials, so let's go!

Material random, QQ sugar box, pure milk, personal hobby, decorative sugar, practice
  • 1 Sugar Pudding QQ

    First, melt QQ sugar. You can pour some hot water into hot water through the hot water. Or boil until dissolved.

  • 2 Sugar Pudding QQ

    Take out melted QQ syrup, add water if you want a brighter color, not too much. If it tastes better, just pour in milk and spread it all over, not too much. I'm down milk.

  • 3 Sugar Pudding QQ

    Stir and refrigerate, do not freeze!

  • 4 Sugar Pudding QQ

    If you want more flavor, follow the instructions above to make other flavors of QQ Syrup and it will become a rainbow pudding.

  • 5 Sugar Pudding QQ

    Our refrigerator takes 1 or 2 hours to complete one cooling layer. If cooling temperature is high, it may be faster. Don't forget to call it work! You can decorate with decorative sugar, purely according to personal preferences.