• March 09,2023

The first time I had a mojito was when I was attending a Marriott event with my girlfriends. My summer favorite is combination of lemon and mint! Sour taste, cool taste, with grilled salmon for dinner, really nothing more to ask for.

Ingredients 45 ml rum 150 ml ice-cold sparkling water half a glass of ice cubes 1 lemon 2 sugar cubes as needed mint leaves practice
  • 1

    Soak mint leaves in clean water for 10 minutes, add sugar and mash

  • 2

    Cut lemon into three slices and set aside, cut rest into lemon slices, squeeze juice from some of them and put in a cup.

  • 3

    Add chopped mint, whole mint leaves, lemon, ice cubes and sugar cube

  • 4 Mojito

    After pouring rum, add soda.

  • 5 Mojito

    Garnish with mint sprigs and lemon wedges