Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~
  • March 09,2023

The ingredients for this method are simple, oil-free and healthy, quick and convenient, and battlefield will be cleared within 20 minutes to end battle~

100 grams of marshmallow, 75 to 100 grams. (less than 75g milk powder, finished product will be soft) 100g peanut milk powder
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    Bake peanuts in oven at 120 degrees until tender (you can buy five-spice peanuts directly from market), peel them and flatten them with a rolling pin (you can't flatten them, but finished product will have some gaps, which will affect appearance). (Peanuts should not be overcooked, a little less is better)

  • 2 Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~

    Place marshmallows in a slightly larger bowl (the bottom of bowl is covered with 1/2 of total milk powder, so sugar won't stick to bottom of bowl~), microwave it over high heat until the marshmallows are a little bigger ( probably 30 to 45 seconds).

  • 3 Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~

    Pour another half of milk powder and half of peanuts (or whatever else you want to add) onto a wooden cutting board, swap softened marshmallows in bowl and milk powder at bottom of bowl, and pour other half of peanuts onto cutting board, stir and press. Important tip: In beginning, it is better to use a non-stick knife or a wooden spoon to dip some milk powder (remember this!) to mix and squeeze, and do not mix it directly with your hands at beginning. Try (!) not to touch the marshmallow directly every time you spoon it in.

  • 4 Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~

    After mixing and pressing for a minute or two, size of sugar dough will become smaller, at which time it can be pressed hard with your hands or a rolling pin, folded, and then flattened. Then give it desired thickness and cut into size you need while it is warm (it is not easy to cut after complete cooling). (Don't use plastic wrap, it will stick to it)

  • 5 Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~

    Packaging (if you're patient you can pack it one at a time, if not you can pack it in a small pack of three or four or like me in a pack of 200g to 300g) or no pack.

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    Notes: 1. Candies in large packages may stick together due to amount of mixture (the less milk powder, softer candies) or due to insufficient cooling. Don't be afraid, take bag and tap it on table, sugar cubes will be separated at once ~2, especially recommended: according to one to one ratio, heat up glutinous rice flour and cornstarch (more than 1 minute), sprinkle cuts. An effective method to prevent sticking is to mix with sugar lumps.

  • 8 Lazy Nougat Kuaishou~

    A photo of battlefield is attached (two types of matcha and coffee are prepared, and a little more non-stick powder). All cleaning work is done in three minutes.