papaya smoothie
  • March 09,2023

Papaya, a tropical fruit, is a really healthy thing. Although I hated this strange taste when I was a child, its rich nutritional value and cosmetic effect made my mother buy it. I remember in Sanya at beginning of year, I happily bought a lot of papaya for two yuan each to go back to Shanghai, but half of them broke, this thing can not be put away! Milk is also something that my mother and I struggled with since childhood. I really don't like strange taste... So this year I fell three times in a row. Every time I went to orthopedic department to report, my mother would definitely scold me for fact that "since childhood I do not like to drink milk, so I lack calcium, so I always struggle." Until very last fight, four-eyed doctor weakly said to my mother: Actually, there is no direct connection between not drinking milk and fighting... It's just that these two strange things put together are so delicious! Papaya milk in any store on street costs from 20 yuan! I don't even know what's in there! DIY, cost is very low and food is very high! Pure natural, no additives, real good papaya! Good Chinese milkshake! Ali brand papaya milkshake, welcome to order... (Hello!)

Ingredients 1/4 papaya 200ml milk Method
  • 1 papaya smoothie

    Prepare milk/coconut milk, cut papaya into small pieces about 2 cm in size

  • 2 papaya smoothie

    Mix and pour into conditioning bowl of kitchen machine

  • 3 papaya smoothie

    20 seconds of silence, longer time, softer taste

  • 4 papaya smoothie