Lychee Iced Tea
  • March 09,2023

"Three hundred lychees a day, not for a southerner" is slightly sweet, and tastes like best summer, that's all

Ingredients 8~12w How to make fresh lychee tea
  • 1

    Take tea~Rinse tea once at 100 degrees.

  • 2

    New lychees, peeled and cored.

  • 3

    Teapot~ put in oven, put in oven, put in pan, cook until it's tea time, and put it in.

  • 4

    Put in tea room at about 40 degrees ^.V.W Separate tea sediment 2. Put in a glass and put in lychee to displace lychee flavor

  • 5

    Wait for storage. Place washed cup in refrigerator for one night

  • 6

    You can add some honey to your liking after drinking