Mango Smoothie Sago
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients Appropriate amount of sago Sweet milk Ingredients for mango milkshake 300g (5 small mangoes) 180g thick mango flesh Adjust to personal taste Milk Adjust to sweetness of mango Condensed milk (powdered sugar) Cooking method

  • 1 Mango Smoothie Sago

    After water boils, add sago and boil, stirring while cooking, cook for about a minute or two, then turn off heat, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Then repeat again, boiling twice. If it's a big grain, you can repeat it again. But don't overcook.

  • 2 Mango Smoothie Sago

    Rinse the cooked sago with cold water to remove any slime. Add some sweetened milk and refrigerate.

  • 3 Mango Smoothie Sago

    Peel and cut mango in a food processor, add milk and icing sugar and make a milky sauce. Adjust thickness according to your personal taste.

  • 4 Mango Smoothie Sago

    Pour boiled sago into a cup, then pour over mango milkshake. Garnish with diced mango. (tastes better if kept in fridge for a while)