One second high value 15 kinds of valuable ice cubes are frozen
  • March 09,2023

How to instantly make a glass of white water better? Of course, with beautiful ice cubes! Herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and tea are frozen. Today, Shitie Jun brings you 15 ways to make frozen ice cubes that are not only beautiful but also delicious, definitely indispensable for making summer drinks. Repost from official WeChat account. Food Post ID: witheating

Ingredients 1. Watermelon ice cubes 2. Smoothie ice cubes 3. Lemon cucumber ice cubes 4. Flower ice cubes 5. Lime mint ice cubes 6. Pineapple ice cubes juice 7. Green tea ice cubes with ginger 8. Honey Lemon ice cubes 9 coffee ice cubes 10 blueberry and ginger ice cubes 11 cucumber and basil ice cubes 12 fig and rosemary ice cubes 13 raspberry and blackberry ice cubes 14 ice cubes with aloe vera juice 15 ice cubes with vanilla almond milk
  • 1 One second high value 15 kinds of valuable ice cubes are frozen

    1 The easiest and crudest way to make watermelon ice cubes is to cut watermelon into ice cubes and freeze them! It goes well with any fruit. You can eat it immediately after preparation or replace it with ice cubes and make a smoothie.

  • 2 One second high value 15 kinds of valuable ice cubes are frozen

    2 Smoothie Ice Cubes Freeze any fruit or vegetable smoothie in ice cubes. Still lazy? Then just puree fruit and freeze it!

  • 3

    3 Lemon Cucumber Ice Cube Fresh cucumber juice is mixed with an appropriate amount of lemon juice and frozen into ice cubes.

  • 4

    4 Flower Ice Cubes Pour edible flowers and water into an ice tray. Frozen ice cubes have a very high value and should be excellent in drinks. If you want more layers of ice cubes, you can squirt water a few times and put different flowers to freeze.

  • 5

    5 Lime Mint Ice Cubes Slice lime and mint into an ice cube tray, squeeze out some lime juice and add water to turn them into ice cubes. This ice cube is perfect accompaniment to a MOJITO with soda, rum and syrup.

  • 6

    6 Pineapple Juice Ice Cubes Squeeze pineapple juice and freeze it into ice cubes. The juice squeezed from a large pineapple can freeze about 16 ice cube trays. This method works with any fruit. (If you only drink juice, you consume much less fiber, and Sheety Joon recommends freezing pulp together!)

  • 7

    7 Ginger Green Tea Ice Brew a cup of green tea, put in ginger slices while tea is hot, take ginger slices when tea is cold and freeze them in ice cubes.

  • 8

    8 Honey Lemon Ice Cube Cut a lemon into small pieces, mix well with a little honey and water, pour it into an ice mold and freeze into ice cubes.

  • 9

    9 Coffee Ice Cubes ① Make a cup of coffee, add some honey or maple syrup, pour it into an ice mold and freeze it into ice cubes. ② Take 6 servings of iced coffee, pour some milk or almond milk and you will have best iced coffee!

  • 10

    10 Iced Blueberry Ginger Tea in Cubes Take required amount of blueberries, honey and water, bring to a boil, crush blueberries with a spoon, boil until blueberry juice stands out, then strain pulp; brew a cup of green tea, mix green tea, honey, blueberry juice, ginger juice mix, pour into an ice mold and after cooling, freeze in form of ice cubes.

  • 11

    11 Cucumber and basil ice cube Cut cucumber and basil leaves and freeze in water.

  • 12

    12 Figs and Rosemary Ice Cubes Cut figs into small pieces, remove rosemary leaves, place them in an ice cube tray and add water to turn them into ice cubes.

  • 13

    13 Raspberry & Blackberry Ice Cubes Wash raspberries and blackberries, place them in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze into ice cubes.

  • 14

    14 Aloe Vera Juice Ice Cubes Squeeze juice from gel portion of fresh aloe vera (or use a commercially available sugar-free aloe vera juice) and freeze it for aice killers.

  • 15

    15 Vanilla Almond Milk Ice Cubes Combine fresh vanilla seeds, almond milk and sugar, cool to room temperature and freeze into ice cubes. This vanilla almond ice is so versatile that it can be added to coffee, tea, or even lemon juice.