honey red beans
  • March 09,2023

red bean ingredients fine sugar method

  • 1 honey red beans

    Place red beans in a bowl of water, rinse and drain.

  • 2 honey red beans

    Place it in a bowl and soak overnight in clean water. (If you forget about this step and don't soak it overnight, it doesn't matter, see 7)

  • 3 honey red beans

    Soak red beans overnight, filter water

  • 4 honey red beans

    Place in a saucepan, add an appropriate amount of water (not covered with red beans) and cook over high heat

  • 5 honey red beans

    After boiling, add a glass of water and continue to cook over medium and low heat for about 10 minutes

  • 6 honey red beans

    Pour red beans into a sieve and rinse with water for about 5 minutes to remove foam and astringency. (While flushing, stir lightly with your hands to rinse evenly)

  • 7 honey red beans

    Pour red beans into pan, add required amount of water to heat, after boiling, turn on low heat and continue to cook for about 20-30 minutes. If there is less water in middle, add more hot water

  • 8 honey red beans

    Cooked before: you can crush it with your fingers, and that's it

  • 9 honey red beans

    Drain cooked red beans and drain soup, put them in a bowl and add fine sugar. (A layer of red beans, a layer of fine sugar, let it penetrate and finally mix a little) Soak honey for one day. (Too hot, put in an air-conditioned room or refrigerator)

  • 10 honey red beans

    These are honey red beans soaked in honey for one day, fine sugar dissolves, and red beans are completely soaked in sugar water

  • 11 honey red beans

    Drain sugar water

  • 12 honey red beans

    Place honey beans in a quick freeze bowl and refrigerate if you have eaten them recently