Aromatic tea with silky milk
  • March 09,2023

Milk tea, also called Mongolian tea, is an indispensable drink in daily life of Mongolian shepherds. The tea leaves used in milk tea are green brick tea. Brick tea is rich in vitamin C, tannins, protein, acid, aromatic oil and other essential nutrients for human body. Milk tea includes most popular Hong Kong style milk tea / silk stocking milk tea / Yuanyang milk tea, fruit juice, snow bubbles, iced black tea / green tea, bubble black tea / green tea flavored tea, cool jelly and yogurt. , Eight series of 200 varieties. The general practice of tea with milk is to mash tea and put it in a pot of white water to boil. After tea boils, when tea has thickened, remove tea leaves with a colander, continue roasting for a while, and use a spoon to lift tea as it boils. After it is concentrated, add an appropriate amount of fresh milk. or milk powder, and use a spoon to lift until tea and milk are mixed, and when pot boils again, it becomes a rich and fragrant milk tea. The tasting quality of milk tea is also determined by four aspects of brown color, aroma, shape and taste, and it must be carefully tasted to realize beauty of its taste. In order to brew a cup of soft and refreshing milk tea, apart from quality of tea itself, quality of water, warmth and milkiness of tea are also very important. Generally speaking, delicious milk tea does not mean that more milk better, it should be an equal ratio of tea and milk, it has both flavor of tea and crunchiness of milk, too much of both is not tasty. In addition, after milk tea is made, drink it immediately or put it in a heating pad to drink, because if placed in teapot for a long time, rust of teapot will affect color, aroma and taste. milk tea. In most places you need to add some salt to drink milk tea, but there are also places where you don't add salt, just put a salt shaker on table, add salt if you like salty taste, and don't add salt if you don't like it. salty taste. Tea with milk is usually drunk in form of water with use of various dry foods, and sometimes alone, which not only quenches thirst, but also resists hunger, which is better than various modern drinks. When shepherds drink milk tea, they also soak some fried rice, butter, milk tofu and hand meat, which can not only warm stomach and resist cold invasion, but also help to digest meat and make up for lack of food due to lack of vegetables vitamins. Therefore, in pastoral areas there is a saying: "Better a day without food than a day without tea." Indeed, Mongolian shepherds start their day with milk tea. This hobby continues to this day as a historicaland cultural expression among Mongolian people. Every morning when you have breakfast, old and new friends sit around pot, sip refreshing milk tea, feast on fried rice, butter and pastries with Mongolian national characteristics, talk heart to heart, discuss world affairs and drink to tea. tip of nose Sweating is a reflection of saying: "What a beautiful house with tea." If you have opportunity to be a guest in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, you can enjoy fun brought by this history and culture at city guesthouse or hotel's tea room. Of course, it is even more interesting in a yurt. Effectiveness of Milk Tea Milk tea removes fat, helps digestion, refreshes mind, has diuretic and detoxifying effects, relieves fatigue, and is also suitable for patients with acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis and duodenal ulcer. In case of poisoning with alcohol and drugs, it can also have a detoxifying effect. Milk tea from around world Hong Kong milk tea is also known as "silk stocking milk tea" and is often referred to as "Hong Kong style milk tea" in Mainland China. Hot or frozen drinks are available, but usually drinks with ice add two yuan. Unlike English milk tea, Hong Kong style milk tea is a popular drink among general public and lower class. It is usually drunk with breakfast or afternoon tea. If you eat out, you can even drink it at lunch or dinner. tea restaurants, fast food restaurants or food stalls are available and can be paired with Chinese or Western food. The reason milk tea is referred to as "silk stocking milk tea" in Hong Kong is because milk tea filtered through silk stockings has a particularly mild flavor. Many tea restaurants have unique secret recipes for combining tea leaves or making tea with milk to attract customers. In Hong Kong, there is another drink called Mandarin Duck, which is a mixture of tea with milk and coffee. You can drink Hong Kong-style milk tea in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, and also have Guangzhou milk tea, which is not so sweet to satisfy tastes of locals. Malaysia and Singapore have "tea tarik", production method is similar to Hong Kong milk tea, but there is an additional "tea tarik" process in middle, which is a very skillful craft. The so-called "tarik" consists in pouring brewed milk tea from one container into another at a high altitude. This process will be repeated several times. It is believed that a large impulse increases saturation of milk tea and makes it smoother. and even more. However, some people pointed out that these processes are not hygienic, which will negatively affect quality of milk tea. Taiwan's popular bubble milk tea is filled with powdereddifferent balls. The cooked powdered balls are black and crystal clear, hence name "Pearl". Various ingredients can be added to create different flavors. Traditional English milk tea is mostly tea, with only a small amount of thick milk and a relatively small cup. It is usually drunk during breakfast, afternoon tea, or chat after dinner.

Ingredients 3 packs, if you like strong taste, you can put more black tea bags 250ml water 250ml milk 50g Sanhua condensed milk ~ Adjust sugar to your liking a teaspoon of condensed milk Practice
  • 1 Aromatic tea with silky milk

    Pour water into milk kettle and boil it, put it in a black tea bag and continue to brew, boiling tea essence~

  • 2 Aromatic tea with silky milk

    Then take out tea bag, pour in milk, Sanhua condensed milk, appropriate amount of sugar, a teaspoon of condensed milk ~ boil

  • 3 Aromatic tea with silky milk

    Aromatic milk tea is ready Y(^o^)Y I make it almost every week at home (∩_∩) You can try it, it's delicious!