Assam milk tea
  • March 09,2023

Appropriate amount of raw materials Assam black tea Appropriate amount of water Appropriate amount of fresh milk A little salt Method

  • 1

    Pour an appropriate amount of water into pot, boil it and add Assam black tea, boil for a while to get color of tea leaves.

  • 2

    Pour filtered tea into a small milk jug through a strainer. (Just tea, not tea, color of tea should be darker, and color will look better after mixing with milk)

  • 3

    Add fresh milk to tea in a small milk kettle. The amount of tea and fresh milk depends on personal preference.

  • 4

    Heat milk tea over medium heat and add some salt to enhance taste.

  • 5

    Simmer and serve. You can eat it with an afternoon snack :)