Hong Kong style lemon tea
  • March 09,2023

Simple and easy to prepare, antioxidant. And taste is really different (there are hints in steps), delicious!

Ingredients 1-2 slices of black tea with fresh lemon depending on taste.
  • 1 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    Wash fresh lemons. I followed salt wash, which I found out on the Internet, it didn’t work at all, it’s completely unnecessary, if I bought a regular lemon, then everything is in order!

  • 2 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    Cut off pointed ends and cut in two! I use a small lemon (the size of an egg), if it's big it will be enough, otherwise it will be sour. If you like sour taste, it depends on your mood!

  • 3 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    Place lemon slices in a cup, pierce flesh of lemon with chopsticks, a straw, or something similar. This step is a mystery! Indeed, taste of pestle and pestle is completely different! Try it and you will find out! Anyway, that's what people of Hong Kong do! (it is recommended not to pierce white edge)

  • 4 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    Pour brewed black tea into lemon cup. This way, although one more cup is used, density of black tea can be mastered.

  • 5 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    At this time, add a sugar cube and stir. While stirring, you can poke a few slices of lemon ~ then you can drink! (Since it is hot in winter, it is best to drink it with ice. The method is same as above, but ice can be added at end.)

  • 6 Hong Kong style lemon tea

    Black tea turns black very easily after brewing, and after adding lemon slices, it is always red! So lemon antioxidant is really good!