• March 09,2023

Ingredients 50 g Low-gluten flour Okonomiyaki bonito flower (per person) Three slices of bacon Okonomi sauce 150 g Cabbage One egg Japanese ground mayonnaise [Hello] [Hello] Japanese ground mayonnaise Seaweed powder Shallots water (best soup available Ok) 50g pinch of refined salted shrimp

  • 1 Okonomiyaki

    Sift flour, add a pinch of refined salt and mix with eggs and water to make a batter

  • 2 Okonomiyaki

    Cut cabbage and shallots as shown

  • 3 Okonomiyaki

    Select your favorite seafood (I used only shrimp), cut into small cubes

  • 4 Okonomiyaki

    Then put cabbage, shallots and seafood into dough and mix well with a spatula

  • 5 Okonomiyaki

    Sliced ​​Bacon

  • 6 Okonomiyaki

    To make shaping easier, I used two pans: a milk pan to shape it, then invert it into a large pan, add some butter to pan, pour beaten batter into it and fry slowly on medium and low heat

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  • 7 Okonomiyaki

    Spread bacon slices over surface

  • 8 Okonomiyaki

    Place in a large skillet and continue frying until browned on both sides

  • 9 Okonomiyaki

    Spread a layer of okonomi sauce, squeeze in some local mayonnaise [enough is enough], sprinkle with bonito seaweed flower powder and choose whether or not to add shallots to taste, and you're done. Fast Food

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