Hong Kong style caramel milk tea
  • March 09,2023

I like milk tea in various Hong Kong style restaurants, taste is silky and fragrant. Due to limited resources at home, all raw materials this time were imported, and you can also produce domestic ones. The milk is Alderberg whole milk in German packaging and tea is vanilla flavored black tea from Mauritius (black tea is black tea, not black tea). Pure milk can also be replaced with milk powder and water. If it is black tea, Taikoo is good, Lipton should be fine, or if you prefer other flavors, you can also use other varieties such as green tea, jasmine tea. , etc., but Hong Kong-style milk tea is, of course, most classic black tea! Let's talk about points to pay attention to in production process and amount of raw materials in nozzles~

Ingredients 1 liter of pure milk, about 20 capsules (increase or decrease as you like), mountain sugar, appropriate amount, tea method
  • 1 Hong Kong style caramel milk tea

    Let's load raw material image first, milk and tea ^_^

  • 2 Hong Kong style caramel milk tea

    Boil rock sugar in a saucepan over low heat to make caramel syrup;

  • 3 Hong Kong style caramel milk tea

    Add milk, moment milk is poured, caramel will condense as it thickens, it doesn't matter, it will melt again if you continue heating, at this time milk has turned into a sugar color, and color gradually deepens;

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  • 4 Hong Kong style caramel milk tea

    Add tea leaves and continue heating so that flavor of tea leaves is released slowly and color gradually deepens; it's best to use tea bag shape because you don't have to filter rest of tea at end;

  • 5 Hong Kong style caramel milk tea

    Keep fire on low heat until it slowly boils, then turn off heat, you're done!