Popsicles with mango and coconut
  • March 09,2023

Popsicle popsicle~~Eat popsicle every day~~Sweet and sour, no calories, you deserve it~~See recipe "Sweet teeth" and adjust it a little, a serving is only 4 popsicle molds in a package. kitchen market! ! !

Ingredients 240 g mango meat 80 g coconut milk half a lime 40 g honey Method of preparation
  • 1

    Chop mango and put pulp into a blender to make a smooth puree

  • 2

    Squeeze juice from half a lime, then scrape zest of half a lime into a puree

  • 3

    Add coconut milk and honey, mix well, pour into a mold

  • 4

    Refrigerate for half an hour, wait for a little solidification and insert popsicle sticks, continue to refrigerate for more than 6 hours or overnight