drip coffee
  • March 09,2023

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Ingredients Hand-brewed coffee (two servings) 22g-25g Freshly ground ground coffee 240ml-300ml Boiled water Method
  • 1 drip coffee

    The tools needed to make drip coffee are shown in picture

  • 2 drip coffee

    The stainless steel thin-mouth coffee pot has a temperature gauge that can accurately read water temperature, which is very convenient to use. Coffee filter paper is a specially selected "unbleached" paper and is healthier to drink on its own. In addition, there is a corresponding measuring spoon, one spoon is equal to 10 grams.

  • 3 drip coffee

    Hand-brewed coffee (for two)

  • 4

    1. Place filter paper into ceramic filter bowl, first rinse filter paper with more boiling water than necessary to remove peculiar smell of paper, and other to preheat. glass jar at bottom.

  • 5

    Place freshly ground coffee powder into grinding bowl, pour boiled water into stainless steel thin-mouthed coffee pot, and look at arrow at top, when temperature is 88-95 degrees, you can start brewing coffee.

  • 6

    Specific brewing method: First pour boiling water in a clockwise direction (as shown in picture) from center to edges, and then pour coffee powder in a circle and stop.

  • 7

    Wait 20-30 seconds to pre-heat coffee powder so that delicious coffee powder ingredients can be separated more easily.

  • 8

    Introduce hot water in a clockwise circle in same direction as in first circle and repeat this cycle until scale displayed on glass jug is reached (two persons, 240– 300 ml), stop filling immediately. . PS: Please keep a certain height when pouring water.