Freshly squeezed mango juice
  • March 09,2023

Mango is also known as Mango, Mengguo, Anluoguo, Wangguo, Miwangzi, Shaguoli, Xianggai, etc. The flesh is sweet, juicy and flavorful, and can be eaten fresh or processed into various convenience foods. For example, in candied fruits. fruits, dried fruits, canned food, jam, etc., their vitamin C will not disappear when cooked. Mango fruits contain sugar, protein and crude fiber, content of vitamin A in mangoes is especially high, which is rare among all fruits. Traditional Chinese medicine proves that mango can reduce phlegm, revitalize spleen and stomach, and improve water channels. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that cause of obesity is "dampness", "phlegm" and "stagnation of water", so mango is a fruit for weight loss and light body.

Mango ingredients cold boiled water practice
  • 1 Freshly squeezed mango juice

    Ingredients: mango.

  • 2 Freshly squeezed mango juice

    Wash mango, peel it and put pulp in a blender.

  • 3 Freshly squeezed mango juice

    Pour an appropriate amount of cold boiled water.

  • 4 Freshly squeezed mango juice

    Cover lid, turn on power, stir in juice, and then turn off power.