【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam
  • March 09,2023

Blueberry sweet potato is best choice for summer nutrition and health. The taste is sweet and sour, rich in nutrients. Learn how to cook with Kewpie now and add sweetness to your summer table!

Appropriate amount of ingredients Blueberry Kewpie Jam 1 sweet potato root 50 ml plain milk 50 ml whipped cream Method of preparation
  • 1 【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam

    Arrange necessary ingredients.

  • 2 【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam

    Wash and cut the sweet potato in a saucepan, steam it over high heat for 20 minutes to make it soft, let it cool and peel, mash with a spoon into a finer dirt, without lumps.

  • 3 【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam

    Add milk, whipped cream and salt to sweet potato puree and mix well.

  • 4 【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam

    Then give it a nice shape.

  • 5 【Kuppy Cuisine】Blueberry Yam

    Pour blueberry Kewpie over yams and serve.