Sago with taro balls with milk sauce
  • March 09,2023

I've bought a lot of taro balls from Taobao and have tried eating them in many different ways. Making your own tarot balls is easy. Just look for method and you will find it, so I won't write it here. This recipe simply offers a new way to eat.

Ingredients small sago fresh milk (or milk) honey beans taro balls glutinous rice balls (you can add a little) practice
  • 1

    Cook sago. Rinse sago, boil in a saucepan (add a little more water and cook longer), stirring in process. Turn off heat until small white spots appear in middle, boil for a while until completely transparent, remove, soak in cold water, and then remove and drain water. spare.

  • 2

    Cook taro balls and glutinous rice balls. When water boils, add taro balls and glutinous rice balls and cook until taro balls and glutinous rice balls float to top.

  • 3

    Remove taro balls, soak them in cold water, then remove and drain.

  • 4

    Add taro balls, glutinous rice balls, sago and honey beans to milk.