ice cream
  • March 09,2023

For first time it worked!

Cream material method
  • 1 ice cream

    Prepare 4 eggs, white sugar, 40 grams of whipped cream, 200 grams of condensed milk, 180 grams of milk

  • 2 ice cream

    The first step is four eggs, separate yolk from protein! Make sure pots and bowls are clean and free of oil and water. Do not drip yolk into protein! Get advice from DO!

  • 3 ice cream

    Egg whites are on way! Beat until milky and thin, add 15 grams of white sugar! The egg whites must be beaten until they are dry and frothy before adding white sugar twice in middle! What is dry foaming? The texture is clear and white, elastic and straight on hover.

  • 4 ice cream

    Then beat to a light consistency, add 15 grams of white sugar a second time and add another 10 grams to the egg yolk.

  • 5 ice cream

    Slowly beat until desired dry foam!

  • 6 ice cream

    Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for later use! This is save layer.

  • 7 ice cream

    Take 200 grams of whipped cream and beat it with a mixer to 8.9 percent! If you really can't handle it, you can use less white sugar, sugar will help you win! I hit 90%! If you want to buckle up, it will come out slowly and if you hit it a little, it will be released! You know how to make flowers! For beginners, don't take this trick! The cream whips up easily! I also came here as a rookie and first time I came to fight with all my might, I ended up fighting.

  • 8 ice cream

    Add 10 grams of sugar to egg yolk and stir.

  • 9 ice cream

    Pour whipped cream into whipped cream in batches! Remember it's whipped cream! I got three points! Stir thoroughly every time you add it! Vital!

  • 10 ice cream

    Second time adding, see how well I mixed first time, don't be lazy to mix key points, add in batches and mix thoroughly before adding again. Three times until completely combined, mixing well.

  • 11 ice cream

    Condensed milk! Take 180 grams! There is still 200gr! 200 grams of sweet 180 just right! This too needs to be added to whipped cream three times, mix evenly before pouring, mix evenly before pouring! You have to let it all mix well before adding it.

  • 12 ice cream

    After condensed milk is evenly mixed, add beaten egg whites, add four times, also mix evenly before adding, repeat this link, mix well and add, mix well and add.

  • 13 ice cream

    Stirring egg whites is not so random, and less foaming must also be avoided, and a flip plate must also be used! Cut, go, zigzag, fast and easy! Add egg whites 4 times and mix thoroughly after each addition. Here it is all added and mixed! It's 90% done.

  • 14 ice cream

    I added melted chocolate later! You can add nuts, jam or anything else!

  • 15 ice cream

    Put it in an airtight box. I put it in a pot before going out and keep it in fridge with plastic wrap for one night! That's all!

  • 16 ice cream

    I was very afraid to hear sound of ice slag when I took it out! Insert it with a spoon (by way, someone should think about it again