Crispy squid rings
  • March 09,2023

Make delicious at home, win Pizza Hut!!

Ingredients Appropriate number of squid rings 1 egg cornstarch breadcrumbs salt lemon juice black pepper cooking wine method
  • 1 Crispy squid rings

    I bought pre-made quick frozen squid rings. If you buy fresh squid yourself, then wash and remove cartilage and tear off black film, then cut into 8mm-1cm pieces. If too thick, finished product will not look good. If it is too thin, water will shrink, Fried food is not plump enough. Yes, you read that right, squids need to be blanched before frying, why? Answer: 1. Save frying time. 2. Good taste and beautiful shape. 3. Eliminate possibility of being caught.

  • 2

    Marinate squid rings with appropriate amounts of salt, black pepper, cooking wine, and lemon juice (if you don't like taste of cooking wine, you can use lemon juice) for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • 3

    After water boils, dip squid rings into water and stretch them with chopsticks. When squid rings change color and become tight, you can take them out and control water (the time should not be too long, never do not wait for water to boil again, otherwise squid will be overcooked (to taste)

  • 4

    Heat a skillet with oil over medium heat for 7 minutes, how to measure: Dip chopsticks in oil and chopsticks will begin to bubble. Turn heat to medium, sprinkle squid rings with starch, egg liquid and breadcrumbs in turn and fry until golden, then remove oil and control it.