Watermelon juice "Snow Mountain"
  • March 09,2023

The big watermelon is best healing fruit of hot July. @糖果x猫猫 will teach you how to make snow mountain watermelon in one minute. Warm Reminder: This is a level seven typhoon, so please be mentally prepared. Besides, carnival is still ahead. In July, "One Man Eats" will work hard to make a film to give a little stimulation to stomach that has no appetite. . Creative: @cyanney Photo: @�z影��培永居 Wechat platform: yirenshi001 Sina Weibo: @一人食

Ingredients Watermelon 150ml Milk Ice cubes Fresh raspberries Method
  • 1

    Use a spatula to scoop up watermelon, cut off a portion and squeeze out juice, at least 200ml

  • 2

    Take 150 ml of milk and froth it with a milk frother

  • 3

    Pour watermelon juice into ice cubes, add two watermelon balls, stir

  • 4

    Slowly pour in milk foam

  • 5

    Cut off a piece of raspberry and place it over milk foam for decoration