iced coffee
  • March 09,2023

I ordered a cup of iced coffee from a famous coffee shop in Montreal and watched how it was made. Actually this method is very simple. The coffee powder and coffee pot I bought, about 6g of black coffee powder is amount of a coffee cup, and this recipe is amount of two cups of iced coffee.

Ingredients 18 g coffee powder Add required amount of syrup to taste (I use maple syrup, you can also adjust it yourself) Add required amount of milk to taste (preferably non-fat) Method of preparation
  • 1

    First make two cups of coffee with two thirds of ground coffee.

  • 2

    Let coffee cool and pour it into an ice cube tray to freeze it.

  • 3

    Use a third of ground coffee to make a hot cup of coffee.

  • 4

    Take out iced coffee and divide it into two glasses.

  • 5

    Pour hot coffee into two glasses.

  • 6

    Add frozen milk and syrup to taste (it will be difficult to dissolve if you add hard lumps or powdered sugar).