Bayberry sweet and sour juice
  • March 09,2023

Each June is season when a large number of fresh red berries appear on market. The plump red blueberry is very attractive. Those who love it dare to take advantage of season and eat it to their heart's content~~ Otherwise, we must wait a year. In addition to directly consuming greyberry, it can also be used to make greyberry juice, greyberry wine, etc. After juicing, beautiful red color is very appetizing. When it rains in hot summer, a glass of refreshing sweet and sour blueberry juice really quenches your thirst and makes you feel good. Part of prepared blueberry juice is stored in a sealed bottle, and other part is poured into an ice mold and sent to freezer of refrigerator to solidify into ice cubes. In this way, three ways of eating can be developed! One is to drink bayberry juice directly, another is to put frozen bayberry ice cubes in a cup, add ice-cold sparkling water or sprite to make a bubbly bayberry drink, and a third is to put bayberry ice cubes directly into kitchen machine, into a smoothie , it's a cup of super refreshing blueberry smoothie!

Ingredients 500 g blueberries 80 g rock sugar 1500 ml water method
  • 1 Bayberry sweet and sour juice

    After washing, soak purchased fresh blueberries in lightly salted water for 30-60 minutes and rinse again.

  • 2

    Pour water into a saucepan, add blueberries and boil over high heat, then add rock sugar, reduce heat and simmer for five minutes until rock sugar melts, then turn off heat.

  • 3

    After cooling, refrigerate overnight and drink sweet and sour blueberry juice next day.