Yogurt with avocado
  • March 09,2023

Avocado only tastes good when combined with it, because original taste of avocado is really tasteless, haha, homemade yogurt, so breakfast with it is nutritious and delicious:)

One Ingredients Avocado 1L Fresh milk Small a sachet of yogurt fermented bacteria A little honey Method of preparation
  • 1 Yogurt with avocado

    First, prepare homemade yogurt, scald glassware with boiling water to achieve sterilization effect, pour in fresh milk (fresh milk at room temperature, not frozen), add yogurt fermentation bacteria, mix well and ferment in oven for 12 hours. Scoop some of yogurt into a bowl and put rest in refrigerator. Since homemade yogurt has no additives, shelf life is much longer than that sold in supermarkets.

  • 2 Yogurt with avocado

    Add honey and mix well.

  • 3 Yogurt with avocado

    Cut open avocado, remove core and cut into cubes.

  • 4 Yogurt with avocado

    Stir diced avocado into the yogurt and serve.

  • 5 Yogurt with avocado

    Everything is ready.