pumpkin smoothie
  • March 09,2023

I left a small piece of pumpkin in porridge. I thought what to do with it. It was tea time, so I took it to juicer and stirred it. This milkshake is very timely, golden and just colors of autumn. I drink it during day. A cup of sweet milkshake warms my heart.

Ingredients: a bowl of pumpkin chunks, a bowl of whole semi-fat milk, a small handful of large almonds and a moderate amount of white sugar
  • 1

    Cut pumpkin into small pieces, crush almonds with a rolling pin and place in juicer

  • 2

    Add milk

  • 3

    Turn on juicer switch and press rice paste button

  • 4

    After squeezing, add sugar to taste and mix evenly