blue ice ocean
  • March 09,2023

Originally, I wanted to write about Blue Ice Ocean Journey ~ Blue Ice Ocean for short! It's actually jelly and a blue iced spicy rum Sprite! Comfortable blue color is so beautiful! Usually ratio of gelatin is 1 to 40. If it is jelly, then 1 to 16. I prefer a harder Q-bomb, so gelatin is 15 grams.

Ingredients 200 ml ice rum 15 g gelatine pieces Amount required Sprite method
  • 1

    Soak gelatin sheets in cold water until soft, then remove.

  • 2

    First, pour blue rum with ice into a heated container, microwave it over high heat for about one minute (I have an ice-cold one, so heating time is relatively long, about 30 seconds at room temperature). Total seconds )

  • 3

    Place softened gelatin sheet into warm Bingrui and mix well. After liquid has cooled, put it in refrigerator until completely solidified (I put it overnight, it will harden in 3 hours, so be patient)

  • 4 blue ice ocean

    Remove frozen ice with a sharp one, cut into pieces and put them in a cup. In fact, you can eat it like this, very beautiful sea blue!

  • 5 blue ice ocean

    Pour Sprite for a refreshing drink!

  • 6 blue ice ocean

    Bubbles ~ You can even eat jelly when you drink it!