Secret language of the milk cover (comparable to tribute tea)
  • March 09,2023

I used to like 85°C sea salt green tea and sea salt coffee, but after I drank Gong Cha milk tea, I immediately gave up 85~\(////)\I always wanted to make my own milk tea. The firmness of milk cap is between hardness of milk foam and cream, their combination with a small amount of salt can be called amazing. It is recommended to drink directly from cup without a straw. The milk lid and tea will collide, creating an unsurpassed great taste~(^○^)

Ingredients [part of milk lid] 100 ml of fresh animal cream (light cream) 30 ml of appropriate amount milk Sugar, a little salt [Part of milk tea] Tea bag × 2 Black tea 100 ml Milk 200 ml Appropriate amount of boiling water (add according to personal taste) Sugar preparation method
  • 1 Secret language of the milk cover (comparable to tribute tea)

    Prepare milk cap: --- [Cream][Milk 30ml][Appropriate amount of sugar][A little salt]Place it in a deeper container, electric egg beater is equipped with only one stirrer and beat until thick. ---This process takes a little longer, about 10~20 minutes. (I should have used a milk frother but didn't and found that an electric egg beater could also be used)

  • 2

    Part of milk tea: boil water, put 2 tea bags in it, lift tea bags up and down so that tea leaves are completely in contact with water, cover with a lid, then remove tea bags. 3 minutes.

  • 3

    Add 100 ml of warm milk to tea, then add some sugar. Part of milk tea is ready.

  • 4 Secret language of the milk cover (comparable to tribute tea)

    Finally, with a small spoon, put on milk caps one at a time. The secret tongue of milk cover is ready.