Creme brulee with caramel milk
  • March 09,2023

When you finish making caramel desserts, there will be a whole piece of caramel left in pan, right? And it's very hard to wash it, you have to boil it with water to wash it off, caramel is so fragrant, why don't you throw it away, I really want to drink wash water every time~ haha, so eat this caramel milk, it's just It's best milk I have ever tasted. If you don't believe me, try it. A video tutorial "Creamy Caramel Pudding" has been released. Please see another recipe.

Ingredients: 10 grams of caramel and 100 grams of pure milk
  • 1 Creme brulee with caramel milk

    If this is creme brulee, amount of caramel is indicated in recipe, there are about 10 grams of caramel left in pan. I use 100 grams of pure milk. You can taste taste when it is half cooked. too sweet. You can keep adding milk, there is no special formula, main thing is that you like it

  • 2 Creme brulee with caramel milk

    First, pour pure milk into pan with caramel, turn on medium heat, then shake pan to mix slightly hot milk and caramel, and pour highest caramel onto it with a spoon (see video for details)< /p>

  • 3 Creme brulee with caramel milk

    Keep doing second step until caramel is completely melted and color of milk tea, wow, caramel milk is ready, it's very tasty, please let me know if you don't like it ~~ I'll help you drink it~ha

  • 4 Creme brulee with caramel milk

    Then pour out caramel milk, drink it hot, drink it cold, add some marshmallows, drink it anyway~ If you do this, don't forget to turn in your homework if you think it's delicious~ good! o(∩_∩)o